How to change your property manager

Have a conversation

Before changing property managers, investors may want to have an open and frank conversation with their current property manager. If all the issues are put onto the table, perhaps the property manager can make changes to their work ethic and, if not, it should reaffirm in the minds of the investor that the manager needs to be changed for the sake of the investment.

Look locally

Local knowledge is crucial. Property managers who are versed in the local market, particularly what is on offer and for what price, is a big bonus. This knowledge ensures that the property manager knows how to attract tenants and set an appropriate rent.

Do your research

From relying on word of mouth and asking direct questions to finding out more about the real estate agency, research is crucial to finding a good property manager. Taking the time to get some information ensures that the investor is both happy and comfortable that the chosen property manager is diligent and well equipped to manage every aspect of the property with professionalism.

A final thought

Highly skilled and professional property managers can go a long way towards making the investment property and subsequent rental process seamless. Good property managers will manage the risk of an investment property and know that they have an obligation to the landlord to keep the rental property and its tenants in line.

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